Stuff for non-power users. Concepts that every elementary computing class should be teaching, but don't.

Basic Performance and Security Health for Windows

Spotless LCD Cleaning Made Easy

E-mail Security Configuration for POP Clients

Relying On Ping

Security ≠ Security Software

Limiting Yourself In Windows

Viewing One Website Is Promiscuous

Speeding Up Slow Computer (Users)

Systems & Network Admin Joy

Better (but not necessarily best) practices for business environments. Default installs are not wise. 24x7x365. Uptime, uptime, uptime. Get to it.

Patching Windows Offline, Old School Batch Script Style

The Many Paths of Wi-Fi Security

Getting Started with BackTrack 3 for Basic Wi-Fi Tracing

Enterprise Wi-Fi Security

VMware ESXi: Network-In-A-Box

OpenBSD IPsec Site-to-Site Quickstart Guide

OpenBSD and OpenVPN Quickstart Guide

OpenBSD Time Services

OpenBSD and syslog-ng

OpenBSD Minimalist Install

The Basic IT Toolkit

Nessus 4.0.2 Quickstart on CentOS 5.4

SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer Quickstart

Attacking SSL with sslsniff and Null Prefixes

Windows Server Core Command Cheat Sheet

Sniffing Traffic at the Windows Command Line

Snort Quickstart on CentOS 5.5 (x86)

MRTG Quickstart on CentOS 5.5 (x86)

Free Redundant Firewalling with OpenBSD + pf + CARP Quickstart Guide (coming soon)

Filtering Web Advertisements with iptables and Squid (coming soon)

Fun with a Packet Sniffer

Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat. Ever wonder what really happens over layer 1? Here we randomly sample traffic created by common, everyday applications. Beginner stuff. All done in a lab environment. No packets were harmed during analysis.

802.11 Association and WPA2-PSK

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

Spanning Tree Protocol BPDU

Cisco Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Negotiation

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) version 2

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

Awakening the iPad (for the first time)

Active vs. Passive FTP

Windows 7, the First 30 Minutes on the Network

iPad and the Cisco VPN

IPsec with OpenBSD

Public Hotspots and Corporate Laptop Ownership Clues

Hopefully-Useful Random Stuff

Everyone accumulates clutter on their filesystem ... useful tidbits for which there's no dedicated place for. Here's what's in my "sort later" pile which I will never sort because I'm too busy.

Cisco FMC 6.3 Web UI Certificate Replacement via CLI

VMware ESXi 6.7 Certificate Replacement (no host reboot)

Cisco ASA 9.x Secure Configuration Baseline (posted on GitHub)

Cisco IOS Secure Configuration Baseline (posted on GitHub)

Cisco Border Router BCP 38 and Other ACL Basic Best Practices

CentOS 7 CIS 2.1.0 Hardening Script (posted on GitHub)

CentOS 7 Incident Response Live Data Collection Script (posted on GitHub)

2-Tier PKI Setup via OpenSSL

WPA 4-Way Handshake

WPA Enterprise Authentication Sequence